Conditions for technical support during the warranty period.
As part of the Agreement the following services will be provided in the place where the hardware or software is installed and this includes:

  • Failure removal
  • Preventive service
  • Microcode upgrade for equipment covered by the agreement
  • Equipment remote diagnostics

Services will be provided by the Monolit IT service team during the Service Availability Period chosen by the Customer. Availability Periods and Additional Service Options will be specified in the Order.

Service Availability Period - specifies the days and hours in which the service is available. Basic Service Availability Period is Monday - Friday, weekdays from 7:00 till 18:00 (referred to as 5x11). Full Service Availability Period is seven days a week, around the clock (referred to as 7x24).

Additional Service Options:

  • Response Time - is the time between the Notification and the confirmation of the Notification and to provide information to start work on removing the failure with an indication associated with the planned activities.
  • Guaranteed Repair Time - this is the maximum time that can elapse between the time of a formal Notification of a device failure by the Client, and the moment in which the specialist from Monolit IT restores a Device to the state of the functionality specified by the manufacturer.

Monolit IT Service Center is located in:
Gdynia, 81-341 Warsztatowa Street No. 12 and in Warsaw, 01-552 Plac Inwalidów Street No. 10.

Service can be ordered in three separate ways by:

The information given by phone must include:

  • Device type and serial number,
  • Location of Device,
  • Telephone contact to the person that shall shares Device to service,
  • Failure description, which allow a preliminary Device diagnosis,
  • Suggested time to provide Device to the service.
  • Problem importance.

Each time Notification must be confirmed. Confirmation shall be received by the Ordering Party without a delay.
Resignation from Notification shall be submitted by the Ordering Party by fax or by e-mail.

Service Description:

1. Hardware failure removal

As part of the Service Agreement, all failures shall be removed, which are resulted from operation in accordance with the parameters specified in the documentation. Both the parts and labour service personnel costs are covered by the Service Agreement.

In the first stage Notification is transmitted to service personnel, which shall analyse the problem. Based on information from the Ordering Party, service engineer defines the scope of the actions needed to remove a failure and verifies the problem validity:

  • Validity 1 - Critical problem. Client may not use the devices covered by the Agreement which has a critical impact on the Client’s work. The problem requires immediate action.
  • Validity 2 - The problem has a significant impact on Client’s work. The client can use the Devices in a very limited scope.
  • Validity 3 - The problem has little impact on the Client’s work. Most of the Device functions are available.
  • Validity 4 - Problem with minimal impact or not affecting on the Client’s work.

In the case, when it is not possible to remove Failure during the conducted consultation or by the remote access tools, in accordance with applicable Reaction Time, assigned serviceman shall contact Ordering Party to schedule a service visit.

2. Preventive Service (Control check-ups)
Service can perform preventive Device maintenance covered by the Agreement, in accordance with the equipment manufacturer standards. Control check-up covers preventive tests, adjustments, tuning, report performance containing a Device assessment and recommendations regarding its possible modifications aiming to increase the operation and expansion efficiency.

3. Device microcode update
Monolit IT performs devices’ microcode upgrade free of charge in the event of errors associated with the currently installed microcode in the service availability specified in the contract.

4. Device remote diagnostics
In order to ensure device operation continuity covered by the Agreement, Monolit IT installs free of charge software for remote diagnostics. This software enables quick response for Monolit IT in order to remove the failure.