Utilising scientific achievements in the twenty first century is as natural as breathing. We do it involuntarily and naturally, we do not imagine that we can live without the Internet, laptop, phone, sat-nav, digital TV and many other "technical miracles". We have enormous computing power with computers of unimaginable memory resources, countless applications written in different Software languages, dozens of operating systems working in the big data centres, offices, but also in our homes. We have virtually unlimited possibilities to communicate and data connectivity.

Devices and IT Systems omnipresence and big funds invested in them have created a need for their optimal use. So in the IBM laboratories in the 1960s it gave birth to virtualization technology, which is able to run many operating systems on a single hardware and system platform ensuring the maximum possible performance.

Today, we can virtualize, among others:

  • Servers
  • Apps
  • Workstations
  • Storage
  • Network
  • Clouds: public, dedicated and hybrid

We will help you to:

  • analyse your existing IT systems and determine their desired target state
  • choose the optimal virtualization technologies and tools
  • select the cost-effective model of software licensing
  • perform efficient migration
  • perform acceptance tests

Never before has the Darwinian thesis: "If you do not adjust, you will die" been so true as today.

Flexibility and quick response is required from each organization operating in the market. But "organization" is in a large part information system and information system is IT. IT departments are expected to move from the "cost centres" to area of "innovation centres". And they can go ahead and take this challenge by using the cloud computing capabilities. To operate successfully in ITaaS model (IT as a Service) IT must guarantee an organization has rapid access to the latest information technology and resources, its efficient use (including virtualization), scalability, standardization and arrangement, while giving users a simple interface to the application.

Within ITaaS you can distinguish three layers of services:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Our specialists offer their knowledge and experience in any of the above mentioned areas. Based on our proprietary solutions, that use the cloud computing, we provide:

  • safe and efficient access to e-mail, mobile applications and web
  • ability to use development tools and frameworks
  • optimal use of storage resources, servers and network transmission
  • safe data backup of data and systems

An important measure of life quality for a human is access to all kinds of information resources accumulated in countless databases and the ability to communicate with other people - regardless of their location in the world. Using the Internet or the phone has become a natural reflex almost as breathing is. We cannot imagine life without access to the so-called "network." And - even though we are not aware of it, because we do not see it - we all live wrapped in a cocoon of ubiquitous network of cable, fibre optic or wireless.

LAN, WAN, WLAN, SAN are an essential element of all IT systems. Their well-chosen architecture and proper configuration has an elementary impact on performance, reliability and security of data connectivity.

Monolit IT has grown on the design and construction of computer networks. Our engineers have participated in the largest IT projects in Poland. That is why we have rich experience and we offer services that meet the highest industry standards in respect of:

  • technical analysis and organizations operating network infrastructure audit
  • design, construction and configuration of LAN, WAN, WLAN, VPN, MPLS
  • network infrastructure optimization
  • monitoring the transmission parameters and security, and network management
  • wireless network coverage survey (Site Survey)
  • providing maintenance services for infrastructure

In addition to WLAN, we offer implementation of:

  • WLAN 802.11ac, Infrastructure and MESH, along with tools: BYOD, RADIUS, Captive Portal, Social WiFi
  • tools that enable to locate users or devices by WLAN (Location Services) location by WLAN
  • solutions based on cloud technologies - WLAN as a service

"Today we talk about complex IT systems, we talk about applications of all types and technologies. However, we must be aware, that none of these systems would be available without the hardware on which it runs. This is accomplished by servers, disk arrays, we can be proud of the efficient functioning of our applications and sleep soundly knowing that we always have a secure copy.

Monolit IT is an experienced company that selects the appropriate sized server – disk array environment, prepares and develops a backup system based on optimal solutions chosen from multiple vendors. "

"The information connectivity is a fundamental force driving development and innovation nowadays. It is by internal and large networks, we can send data to any place and at any distance.

Monolit IT specializes in the design, implementation and modernization of LAN, WAN using multiple interfaces exchange and products from many vendors belonging to the leaders of this industry.”

In recent years, attacks on IT infrastructure have become a thriving business, the number of attacks and attackers has increased significantly. From "hacktivists" or "script-kiddies" by organized crime groups up to skilled professionals working for the government, secret service and global corporations. Each of us can become a network victim of identity theft, bank account break-in, personal data lose or have classic spam attack. The attack will not be effective if you are well prepared for it.

Our engineers have rich experience in design and construction of security systems which help to detect the attack and protect against it. Starting from traditional firewalls that allow only specific traffic through the IPS, antispam and web proxies, which allow analysis and protection in the upper layers of the ISO / OSI, application firewalls to protect services available on the Internet, to advanced systems such SIEM, which allow to login and event correlation and tracking anomalies in the network and on this basis to detect and react to threats.

Well-planned security infrastructure cannot prevent the attack, but will minimize the risk and protect against the effects.

SIGNATURIX - move your signature in the digital world.

The idea of a solution to describe the handwritten signature in electronic format, which will retain all of its existing biometric-graphology features and will be further enriched with features such as time signature, speed / pace of the folding signature as well as the emphasis on the use feathers matrix. The signature placed on the devices with touch screens and, depending on their types, is stored with a number of parameters used in the analysis of authenticity.

Security solutions ensures that each signed document (eg. PDF) using SIGNATURIX is protected against content change, signature substitutions, or its unauthorized use.

Year by year there is an increasing dependence of all economy sectors from all kinds of IT systems. These systems become more complex and the continuity of their actions is increasingly a priority for the smooth operation of any business. Therefore, to have effective and efficient management of IT infrastructure is invaluable to any administrator.

Different and no less important issue are IT infrastructure management systems. IT infrastructure management systems include specialized and dedicated tools to specific elements of the IT infrastructure modules that allow it to manage efficiently the modern IT environment, regardless of its extent and complexity. Through the use of modules equipped with algorithms for correlating events it is possible to show the entire state, often very complex environment for the administrator on a console. "

ZONEIX - Business processes management and monitoring by RFID usage

ZONEIX is an open system designed to manage and monitor business processes involving people / employees / teams as well as the resources / assets using RFID technology. The combination of automation, algorithms describing business processes with the necessary gates to verify the RFID tags, creates a coherent system to support resource management, work time, inventory, creating zones and event alarms.

ZONEIX allows fully proactive management of identifiable products in order to minimize costs and optimize their use.

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"Data Center is the heart of any IT system. Here are working servers, that are ready to provide us all necessary data, there are devices that connect us with the world. Here, finally, are the databases and archives, without which modern businesses cannot operate. In order to have maximally safe and accessible almost always: 24/7/365 Data Center, data and resources we use have the most advanced technologies in the field of information technology, energy, air conditioning and ventilation, monitoring, building automation, or even building structures. Monolit IT Engineers ensure the proper functioning of data centers and their individual components. "

The idea of a centralized and integrated platform for identity and access management (IDM Identity Data Management) is the only way to protect sensitive resources in the enterprise. As part of the solution IDM guarantee support in the risk assessment, mitigation, full supervision of identity, including the management of the life cycle of user accounts. IDM protects, automates and controls the use of privileged identity including in conjunction with external systems or cloud. Implementation Access management in accordance with the best scenarios will allow your organization to regain full control of your access control system and advanced reporting and analysis allow to effective monitoring permissions and user activity.

The service works as the business process’ safety monitoring system in the customer's information and communication technology infrastructure. It enables a rapid response for emerging events that threaten the business process’ continuity. The service reduces the possibility of a compromise to the company’s critical systems and operation, while minimising the possibility of leakage or making public data that is crucial for the customer. The SOC also produces reports giving evidence of the health of the IT environment, in which business processes take place. Reports indicate the frequency, level of threat and the degree of resilience of the ICT infrastructure to emerging events. They contain recommendations on the steps needed to minimize emerging risks.

SOC - performed tasks

  • Audits the security of the IT company.
  • Monitoring events related to IT security
  • Audits the security of the IT company based on the monitoring of events.
  • Recommendations related to the design and solutions of the processing system’s critical data implementation
  • Monitoring access to critical data for the company.

SOC - The Benefits

  • Monitoring events related to IT security in mode 24/7
  • Cyclical audit and modification of procedures related to IT security
  • The introduction and refinement of procedures regarding behaviour in a crisis situation.
  • Comprehensive information about the infrastructure information and security state
  • Minimizing the costs on information and communication technology security, related to post active activities

The information system in every business organization should help to achieve their objectives in the most efficient manner. Therefore, enterprise architecture includes people, business processes, technology, mutual relations between them and management rules must be reflected in Architecture System information.

Monolit IT engineers have participated in great IT projects implemented in Poland where they gained unique experience as the systems’ architects. According to the rules TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework) we provide consistent rules design, implementation and information architecture management for organization, that include:

  • business architecture
  • data architecture
  • application architecture
  • technical Infrastructure architecture

Data Retention System (DRS) is the dedicated software for cable operators for collecting and archiving traffic data in telecommunication networks for the needs of law enforcement bodies and special services. The data are collected according to the wording of the provisions (Art. 180a- 180d) of the Telecommunications Act has been in force since 21 January 2013. According to these provisions for public telecommunications, networks operators and public telecommunications services providers, has imposed the obligation to retain and storage telecommunications data. The system stores data retention in the defined time period, not less than 12 months.

The main system DRS functions are:

  • data customer Search according to set parameters such as the IP address and date
  • archiving of all operations related to the prepared data sets and business users DRS
  • for operators with Carrier Grade NAT (CGN) solutions, DRS supports NAT connection for Juniper solutions
  • the ability to integrate with the local base DRS operator. This solution enables rapid search of customers’ phone calls by the operator and authorized services

HFC infrastructure monitoring for cable television operators. The aim of our system is to enable by operator to capture in a short period of time problems and their earlier prediction in HFC infrastructure. It is bespoke self-built system by Monolit IT system designed for each group of employees to support the HFC network maintenance of the, ie NOC for the team, for the team of technicians in the field and for the Call Center.

System usage in the Call Center provides the operator with quick and direct verification of subscriber devices and operation status. NOC team, by use of our system, can monitor the operation of all CMTS devices. Additionally, the system raises alerts for any deviations from the defined parameters of signal levels.

The system also supports the sales department by predicting which subscribers Internet packages can be changed among other things.