VMware is a leader in x86 based system virtualization technologies. VMwaresolutions bring a new quality to modern IT infrastructure, thanks to the ability to adapt to changing business needs, resource utilization optimization and high availability assurance. All this is achievable with simply management and high return on investment. VMware offers solutions in four basic areas:

  • Infrastructure optimization –It controls a large number of often under-loaded servers by transferring these systems to the virtual environment, thus reducing future physical hardware requirements and maintenance costs and giving you tremendous flexibility in meeting business needs
  • Business continuity assurance–The service availability assurance is through online virtual system transfer between physical servers, automatic system startup in case of hardware failure and securing backup copies
  • virtual test and development environments – it reduces the need for hardware resources and the effort required to maintain test and development environments
  • Workstation virtualization – It maintains the enterprise-standard workstations in a secure, centrally-managed central repository, or to provide stand-alone image systems that run on workstations running in a secure environment that protects the access to data

As a VMware Partner, we provide comprehensive virtualization solutions tailored to our customers' needs. For more information visit: www.vmware.com