WHEEL Systems started its operations in December 2004 from initiative of experienced IT specialists. As the only supplier on the Polish market, it specializes in the fields of user authentication and authorization as well as cryptographic data protection. In their products, the company combines innovation, ease of use with strong safety mechanisms. They are the leader in the Polish mobile user authentication market and one of the few companies in the world that provides its own operating system for hardware solutions.

In its offer the company has got a products such as CERB –it is a strong authentication system with several levels, it uses a mobile phone as one of its components and an innovative FUDO device designed for permanent monitoring, the control and registration of remote administration sessions while maintaining the highest level of security of information systems in cooperation with External business partners.

FUDO uses the open source FreeBSD operating system, which is known for its reliability, performance and security. This is one of the oldest and most mature open-source projects. The FreeBSD system has been developed for more than 20 years by a group of several hundred people around the world and is being used by world giants.

For the cryptographic protection of data stored on a disk array, FUDO uses the 256-bit AES-XTS algorithm within the FreeBSD software GELI.

The FUDO device is delivered to the customer in pre-initiated form. On initial start at the client's premises, encryption keys are generated for disk data and written to the two USB pen drives attached to FUDO. For generating strong encryption keys, a pseudorandom number generator is used (PRNG) which applies the Yarrow algorithm. Prior to using, Yarrow should be initialized using at least 256 bits of random data (entropy). FUDO for entropy collection uses many independent sources such as hardware interrupt times and initiation times for individual hardware components. This means that at the moment of the generation of the encryption keys, the system has at its disposal several thousand bits of entropy, which is much more than the value required for safe operation.

For more information visit: www.wheelsystems.com/