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SIGNATURIX - move your signature in the digital world.

The idea of a solution to describe the handwritten signature in electronic format, which will retain all of its existing biometric-graphology features and will be further enriched with features such as time signature, speed / pace of the folding signature as well as the emphasis on the use feathers matrix. The signature placed on the devices with touch screens and, depending on their types, is stored with a number of parameters used in the analysis of authenticity.

Security solutions ensures that each signed document (eg. PDF) using SIGNATURIX is protected against content change, signature substitutions, or its unauthorized use.

Using the SIGNATURIX Monolit IT biometric signature brings business benefits, boosts your image and protects the environment.

Have you ever analysed the costs of paper, toner, printers and their maintenance, document storage and external archiving at your company? Have you evaluated the costs generated by employees scanning and processing paper documents? The amounts are enormous each year! Thanks to the innovative SIGNATURIX solution, these costs can disappear from your accounting spreadsheets. It is no longer necessary to sign on paper all documents that appear in the client - company relationship. They can be signed electronically in a secure way. Sounds tempting, doesn't it?

Quick service
Do you know how much time it takes to serve a client at the customer service desk?How much of it is wasted on generating and printing paper copies of documents, checking them, counting pages, stapling them together? Clients do not have time or desire to wait. For them, each 5 minutes of waiting in a line is a major inconvenience. With the SIGNATURIX biometric signature, the client service process can be significantly shortened, thereby increasing client satisfaction. Could you dream of anything else?

Signatures made with the SIGNATURIX system contain a certified timestamp of the moment they are made. Biometric data unique to each person are stored in the document in an encrypted form that can be read in case the authenticity of a signature needs to be verified. The use of biometric data collected from a handwritten signature, as well as the encryption mechanisms implemented in the software itself, significantly increase the security of signing documents in comparison with a traditional, paper-based process.

Environmental protection
A socially responsible company cares about the environment – it is our common duty. Using the SIGNATURIX electronic signature significantly decreases the company's negative impact on the environment. We are not just talking about eco-friendliness. The companies that implement the SIGNATURIX biometric signature are at the forefront of environmental standards in business.

Innovative technology
SIGNATURIX is a unique, original solution developed by a team of engineers, programmers, UX developers and lawyers at Poland-based Monolit IT in Gdynia. A client’s handwritten signature placed on a document with the use of a dedicated tablet makes it possible to accurately recreate it in electronic form with the document in the system. The tablet registers the dynamic and static parameters of handwritten signatures. Each signature contains the biometric data of the person signing the document. SIGNATURIX saves such information as speed of writing and pressure. This allows to bind inseparably a biometric signature with a corresponding electronic document. By implementing the system, it is possible to prevent potential human errors resulting from non-completion of formalities (e.g. no signature on one of the pages of a contract). A centrally controlled process makes it easier to introduce quick changes to the process itself or the documentation.

A modern image
Everyone wants to be innovative, but few companies can boast the use of truly modern, innovative solutions in their day-to-day work. The SIGNATURIX biometric signature is a cutting-edge, user-friendly innovation that makes business easier and helps build good client relationships (e.g. through mobile work stations or faster customer service).


Monolit IT is a technology company specializing in the design and construction of IT infrastructure systems. We are a dynamically developing company, whose strength and greatest value are its employees ... With our knowledge and experience, we develop professional and reliable IT solutions.


With our knowledge and experience, we develop professional and reliable IT solutions.

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