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In recent years, attacks on IT infrastructure have become a thriving business, the number of attacks and attackers has increased significantly. From "hacktivists" or "script-kiddies" by organized crime groups up to skilled professionals working for the government, secret service and global corporations. Each of us can become a network victim of identity theft, bank account break-in, personal data lose or have classic spam attack. The attack will not be effective if you are well prepared for it.

Our engineers have rich experience in design and construction of security systems which help to detect the attack and protect against it. Starting from traditional firewalls that allow only specific traffic through the IPS, antispam and web proxies, which allow analysis and protection in the upper layers of the ISO / OSI, application firewalls to protect services available on the Internet, to advanced systems such SIEM, which allow to login and event correlation and tracking anomalies in the network and on this basis to detect and react to threats.

Well-planned security infrastructure cannot prevent the attack, but will minimize the risk and protect against the effects.


Monolit IT is a technology company specializing in the design and construction of IT infrastructure systems. We are a dynamically developing company, whose strength and greatest value are its employees ... With our knowledge and experience, we develop professional and reliable IT solutions.


With our knowledge and experience, we develop professional and reliable IT solutions.

Monolit IT Sp z o.o. is registered in the District Court Gdańsk-Północ, Business Department No. VIII of the National Court Register under the number 0000280291; Taxpayer Identification Number (NIP) 958-155-93-85; Business Identification Number (REGON): 220431534; share capital: PLN 50 500

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