Monolit-IT - IOT


NetQM for IoT
is a proprietary platform for analyzing
and predicting data, necessary
in your production or industrial organization.

Discover our proprietary NetQM for IoT tool. We take advantage of smart probes to monitor various technical parameters, for example in production or industrial processes. The collected data is analyzed to provide correlated information making it possible to, for example, undertake automatic corrective actions. By using NetQM for IoT, it is possible to quickly spot the ineffectiveness of processes or potential problems to save the organization's time and money.


NetQM for IoT is a complex system in which:

Data is collected from probes installed in key locations of the infrastructure

The collected data is subjected to statistical analysis

Automatic reports and alerts are generated

It is possible to directly compare the results from different probes

It is possible to verify whether the assumed KPIs are met

Historical data from all measurements is collected and shared

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