Monolit-IT - Network infrastructure


An efficient, flexible, safe,
and reliable communication infrastructure
constitutes the basis of all ICT systems.

We will help you design and build an infrastructure for your organization. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we will properly combine the basic elements of local area networks, wired and wireless, LAN, SAN, and WLAN with wide area networks, using the optimal SD-WAN technology, and we are going to provide you with a reliable architecture that is easy to manage. You will have the possibility to develop your company the way you want, carry out digital transformation, and take advantage of the services available on the cloud market in an optimal manner. Remote workers will be covered by the same ecurity and permissions regardless of where they work, and your data is going to remain secure.

We offer the following network infrastructure services:

Technical analysis and audit of network infrastructure

Designing, constructing, and configuring LAN, WAN, WLAN, SAN, VPN, and SD-WAN

Network security and availability monitoring

Optimizing network infrastructure

Wi-Fi coverage testing (Site Survey)

Network infrastructure service

Put your trust in our experience gained while implementing the largest IT projects in Poland. We always work in accordance with the standards - ISO 9001 norm

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