Monolit-IT - An offer for ISP

An offer for ISP

A proprietary NetQM for HFC/GPON
solution dedicated to cable TV operators.

Monitoring the HFC and GPON infrastructure constitutes a challenge for many cable TV operators. The goal of NetQM for HFC/GPON is to allow the operator to detect problems with the cable infrastructure in a short time, as well as to prevent failures. The system is designed for all groups of employees that support the maintenance of the HFXC/GPON network: for the NOC team, for the team of technicians in the field, and for the Call Center. The system also supports the sales department, for example by selecting subscribers who can be offered a different Internet package.


Benefits of implementing NetQM for HFC/GPON:

Cost reduction and minimizing churn

Fast and efficient network monitoring

Constant QoS and CX monitoring

Precise problem tracking and quick failure recovery

Effective planning of network bandwidth growth

Minimizing unnecessary service visits

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